Deep Attraction-Online Secrets Part 1 – Identifying Your Strengths

Posted on 21 August 2011 by Admin This movies the very first part of a four part series called “Deep Attraction Secrets. Te it I talk about how to identify what I call your primary attractors, or your strength attractors. I go into much more detail ter the book DeepAttraction-Online, available at ( Essentially what wij’re doing here is identifying those things about you that women find attractive. The next step (covered ter the next movie) will be to take those elements and meld them into a story that will become your online dating profile. I hope you love the movie spil much spil I liked making it for you. Feel free to rate it and leave a comment! If you’d like to find out more about Deep Attraction Online, the book and audio program that will switch your success with women online, go to

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Thanks, man. I love hearing this. But grasshopper – it is a weapon of love…. repeat…. a weapon of love. Somewhere ter the book you will find my reframing of the “battle” of the sexes to a “dance” of the sexes. It leaves everybody more satisfied. And less bloodied.

This is excelent stuff Adam, love your work… I am still going through your book and recordings and my profile is a weapon now!

This is good. If you know what makes YOU uniquely attractive, you don’t fall into the trapje of cookie cutter pickup lines. But It’s so hard to be objective about what other people think is attractive about you. Getting the women who know you to list the things that are attractive about you is a good end run around the problem. And, if you get responses from more than six people you should see some statistical “trending” that can be very useful. Hmmm.

Good movie, brother. keep ’em coming!

@donmaga1 Yeah it cut off somewhere weird. Wij’ll attempt to find the utter version and postbode it asap.

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