If you were famous for something, what would you want that to be?

Good conversation is a date night essential , whether wij’re going “out on the town” or staying te for an at-home date. For mij anyway. I loved the beginning, when wij were simply friends learning each other’s beloved color or dearest type of music. There’s nothing like that quality time and intent te discovering the intricacies of the other person.

What to Talk About on Date Night

Current Favorites

7. movie / tv demonstrate

9. youtube movie

This or That

11. sunrise or sunset

12. beach or mountains

13. kampeerterrein or cruise

16. read or write

17. observe or play

Eighteen. outdoors or indoors

Nineteen. glasses or contacts

20. filthy rich or filth poor

Would You Rather.

21. . have the power of invisibility or telepathy?

22. . live where the zon always shined or where it never did?

23. . eat a cooked frog or live bugs?

24. . have a excellent personality and be unattractive or have a terrible personality and be very attractive?

25. . have no electrical play or no water?

26. . never have to clean the kitchen again, or never have to clean the bathroom again?

27. . be deaf or vensterluik?

28. . journey and fall ter gevelbreedte of Ten people you don’t know, or say something embarrassing te pui of 1 celebrity?

29. . capture memories only ter movies or only ter photos?

30. . not be able to read or not be able to count?

What would you do if.

31. If you could commence any non-profit or service project, what would it be?

32. How would you spend $1,000 toegevoegd metselspecie?

33. What would you do if you had to live on a mountain without warning?

34. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?

35. If you became famous, how would you live your life differently?

36. If you could open any business downtown, what would it be?

37. Where would you go/live if you could travel/live anywhere?

38. What would you do if you won a major lottery?

39. If you could have the flawless marriage, what would it look like?

40. What would your ultimate retirement look like?


41. If your appearance wasgoed altered beyond recognition, how would you prove your identity to mij?

42. If you were famous for something, what would you want that to be?

43. What movie/tv vertoning best portrays the story of your life? Is it a comedy, stuk, act, etc.?

44. What would you do if there wasgoed a world-wide power outage?

45. What would you do if someone stole your identity and you couldn’t get it back?

46. What would you do if a duo close to you passed away and you were left to raise their child(ren)?

47. If you had to restart your life (relationships, education, etc.), where would you embark?

48. What would your life be like if you said yes to everything?

49. If you were to be on a reality TV vertoning, which one would you be on?

50. What is your dearest super hero? Which one would you want to be?

Hopes and Wishes

51. If you could be paid to do anything, what would you do?

52. What would you most regret not having/doing/being te life?

53. If you had to instruct something, what would you train?

54. If money did not exist, how would you spend your days?

55. Best case screenplay, where do you see yourself te 5-10 years?

56. What is your ideal huis/car/career/family?

57. What are three goals you have had for overheen a year?

58. What is a habit you could commence today that would help you reach your goals?

59. How would your life be better if you could reach your top two goals?

60. If you obtained/accomplished one major thing via your life, what would it be?


61. What wasgoed your beloved garment spil a kid?

62. Who wasgoed your best friend, and what wasgoed he/she like?

63. What were some of your dearest things ten years ago?

64. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

65. What wasgoed one of your most embarrassing moments?

66. What wasgoed one of your proudest moments?

67. Is there a odor that brings back a past memory? What is it?

68. Who wasgoed your dearest teacher?

Sixty nine. When/what wasgoed your earliest memory?

70. What wasgoed your dearest family holiday?

Worst Case Script

71. If you knew you had 30 days to live, how would you spend that time?

72. If today wasgoed your last day on Earth, what would you do?

73. What would you do if you got cancer?

74. What would you do if a fire demolished your house?

75. What would you do if a wervelstorm came toward you while you were driving?

76. What would you do if someone broke into your huis while you were there?

77. What would wij want to toebijten to our kids if wij both died ter a car accident?

78. What would you do (with job, huis, kids, etc.) if I died?

79. If, after an accident, you were kept alive by machines, would you want mij to sign a DNR?

80. What would wij do if wij lost our jobs tomorrow?


81. What is your beloved/most-read book of the Bible?

82. What are times you felt closest to/furthest from Maker?

83. When do you recall very first having a private relationship with Christ?

84. What hymn or Christian song means the most to you?

85. Wasgoed there a spiritual mentor you looked up to when you were junior?

86. What is one thing likely getting ter the way of your utter potential ter Christ?

87. How could wij grow closer to Christ spil a family?

88. Is there a major challenge wij should be asking about spil a family?

89. What is one thing you have learned about Aker this year?

90. When wasgoed the last time you witnessed a rechtstreeks reaction to prayer?

State of Being

91. What is your daily routine like? (i.e., what is the very first thing you do when you get to work?)

92. What are your dearest/least beloved parts of your day?

93. What is your most used app?

94. What is your most frequented Web webpagina?

95. How do you choose to take a pauze at the end of the day?

96. What makes you feel good about yourself?

97. When do you feel most at peace?

98. What person/place/thing inspires you the most?

99. What makes you excited?

100. What one thing could you do today that would make tomorrow better?

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