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Online dating is now a billion-dollar business. Singles have their choice of a number of Internet services through apps and websites that range from totally free to very costly.

There are also online dating coaches, like Kimberly Koehler. She charges $200 for hier online class training dating strategies. She also offers one-on-one dating coaching for $495.

Koehler speaks with Here & Now’s Robin Youthful about what’s switched ter the dating toneel that makes it worth it for people to pay money for online dating services, and even online dating advice. She also shares thesis (free) tips:

6 Dating Tips From Kimberly Koehler

  1. Stick to what you want: The largest mistake people make ter their online profile, says Koehler, is that they write what they aren’t looking for te a fucking partner. Profiles should speak to someone you want to attract – stay positive and be specific about your interests.
  2. The phone date: If you’re ready to meet someone ter person, call them. A Ten or 15 minute phone call helps weed out the pointless and painful very first dates that you know aren’t going anywhere.
  3. The phone-free date: If you’re on a date, ditch the phone. You didn’t haul yourself out to date your phone, so leave it te a purse or pocket.
  4. Dress to impress: A common complaint from digital daters is that the other person isn’t taking it earnestly. You’re not hiding behind your keyboard anymore – it’s time to look good.
  5. Know what to share and when: “Our life is moving so rapid, so wij expect our connections to be instant,” says Koehler. Don’t give everything away up vooraanzicht and then sulk when you didn’t “connect.” The best relationships take time.
  6. Spell check: Most people report that bad grammar and misspellings te online profiles are a giant turn off. Zekering using emojis and brief arm, they can shove people away.


  • Kimberly Koehler, dating coach and relationship pro. She tweets @DatingCoachKK.

This segment aired on February 16, .

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