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7 Warning Signs: Online Dating Profiles

7 warning signs: online dating profiles

Warning sign 1: he ‘has roomies’ on his online dating profile

Warning sign Two: he ‘has cats’ on his online dating profile

Warning sign Trio: observe the height he’s recorded on his online dating profile

Warning sign Four: the ‘Entrepreneur’

Warning sign Five: Photos on his online dating profile

Warning sign 6: the shirtless mirror

Warning sign 6: ‘Ready to commence a family’ on his online dating profile


Thanks for pulling down by, Leena. I know those of us who’ve met our spouses the traditional way are a bit wary of online dating sites, but two people very close to mij have recently found love – and marriage on online dating sites.

Superb pointers to be on the look out for if I everzwijn need to go to online dating websites..I am out of the loop ter this department..

I’m sure you’ll be fine, Icy. You know just how to hold your own.

I could write a book on this.

Valid points. CP. I thought yours were excellent. The profile picture next to the car will undoubtedly set thick church bells ringing for mij – and not ter a good way.

i chuckled at the cat man, because i can’t imagine

any man, who i admire, loving cats. 🙂

My hubby hates them. He’s allergic to them spil well, so that doesn’t help 🙂

I hate online dating sites. I have seen three marriages ruined because someone wasgoed stupid enough to permit an online relationship to loser them and lure them away and then found out the persons posting were absolutely frauds. I wasgoed kleintje of nosey about the cats however. My spouse adores cats and wij have always had one. He couldn’t stand my little dog tho’.

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