GTA IV Too Slow Solved

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Then turn Anisotrophic Filtering OFF

and set Antialiasing Transparency to Multi Sampling

Antialiasing Setting to 2x

Texture Filtering Quality to High Show

Texture Filtering -Trilinear Optimisation to ON

Texture Filtering -Negative LOD bias to Permit

Threaded Optimisation ON

Tieso Sync and Triple Buffering ON

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– Intel pentuim dual-core processor T3400 (Two.16GHz, 667 Mhz FSB, 1 MB L2 cache)

-Up to 1244 MB Mobile Intel Graphics

Media Accelerator 4500M

– 32-bit Operating System

Two. Checking Your Background Applications !

Trio. Your Operating System (Windows Perspicacia) is too strong.

Four. Switch Your OS Windows XP, Update Your Driver (VGA, CPU, Sound Card, and all).

Five. Defrag your Hard Disk.

6. Run ter DirectX9 Mode Te Windows XP

– Motherboard Abit NF-M2S

– RAM 2Gb VISIPRO (2x1Gb) DDR2 800MHz (PC6400)

– VGA nVidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB, 256Bit, DDR3 (PCIex16 running te 8x)

– Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 160GB 7200rpm

– Windows XP Service Pack Three

– Detail Quality Low

– Rendering Quality High

– View Distance = 1

– Vechile Density = 1

please help I will be very blessed

and the specs for my pc if you need to no is AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Two.20GHz 4gb ram ddr2

ATI radeon hd 4350 (512mb)

There are different types of &quot,lagging&quot, that suggests fully different remedies.

I have thesis specs will it work on my medium sleekly?

AMD Phenom II X2 545

GTA4 has a ondergrens of a Core Two twee 1.8ghz processor. Explicitly not a Pentium D dual-core processor.

Movie Card: GeForce 8200 512MB/ GeForce 8600 512MB

Hard Disc Space: 300/18GB xD

Operating System: Windwows XP SP3/ Windwos XP SP3 or Windows Traza SP1

aspecto is 3rd class I use that

but I solved it!

i’m using XP x64 but I think it doesnt matter

i had to switch my posible memory

ter default it is set on the drive where your OS is with a specific amount

find another drive with some empty space (at least

10Gb) and create there potencial memory with custom-made size

(initial size should be set what u can see spil &quot,recommended&quot, ter the window, maximum size is what u want -7560Mb at mij)

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