Internet Dates from Hell – Crazy Dating Stories – Why do studs lie on internet dating sites?

MISREPRESENTING Guys = Lounging Boys

I have so many kooky dating stories it is hard to know which one to share. That being said, I have undoubtedly learned that it is significant to be choosy.

I joined match after yet another man I wasgoed dating liedje about being married. My logic wasgoed maybe if I could spell out who I am and who I am looking for I could avoid such misery ter the future. What an ego boost match wasgoed! I wasgoed both flattered and perplexed by the massive response (I’ve since learned I don’t need to reply to EVERYBODY lol). until I began to boil it down. I will not waste space with the six months of frustration, harassment and hurt feelings. I will just share a sampling of latest encounters.

1. The &quot,Good Man&quot,: This man wasgoed a professional from Carencia beach . He informed mij I had &quot,found the right man&quot, my &quot,search wasgoed overheen&quot. After many emails and phone conversations, he invited mij to a &quot,wish dinner and lovely evening&quot. I wasgoed excited and did the entire girlie hair fucks uitrusting thing . I overlooked that the &quot,6ft 1&quot, description wasgoed ter reality shorter than my 5ft 9 and fairly stocky. Wij met at a joy open air mall with many nice looking restaurants. Not bad, I thought . So I guess when he led mij to a brew pub I wasgoed a bit let down. When he wouldn’t wait for a table and sat mij at the brochure I knew this wasgoed just another stud out for a booty call. It didn’t help matters that he ordered my drink for mij despite my protest (not a big fan of vodka). Our &quot,desire dinner&quot, wasgoed nachos. Wij talked some sports, he chided mij for making him &quot,drink alone&quot, and I ended up with three drinks te pui of mij. Upon leaving the brochure he asked mij to come back to his place to witness TV. indeed? That wasgoed the &quot,lovely evening&quot,? I declined and he said he would call mij the next day and take mij out to refrigerio. I never heard from him again of course which wasgoed fine by mij.

Two. The Misrepresenter : This man said he wasgoed 42 ter his profile, athletic and self employed . Wij talked via email for about a week and then by phone. Wij arranged to meet at a circunscrito maaltijd. Spil I sat waiting, I observed a poor older man fighting with his walker. I thought, &quot,poor fellow can hardly stir.&quot, Well imagine my horror when the old stud turned out to be my date! He tripped into the maaltijd looked my way, smiled and called out, &quot,there’s my chick!&quot, OMG the only saving grace is I figure onlookers assumed I wasgoed his daughter. It turns out his pictures had bot taken back te the eighties and he recently had both hips substituted. I informed him I could not stay on the date spil he totally misrepresented himself. I wished him luck, got up and left. Zometeen, he texted mij and told mij he wasgoed better off not watching a &quot,superficial bitch&quot, like mij. Well he is entitled to his opinion and I let it go. I’ve just recently met a very nice genuine man through match. Maybe this will be a glad story to share . stay tuned.

This date from hell story wasgoed submitted by: Kelly from Sin rodeo Beach

Dr. Gooddate’s response:

Kudos for setting boundaries Kelly! Isn’t it funny how a man fully misrepresents himself by lounging te his bio, sending old photos and ultimately calling YOU a &quot,bitch&quot,! I’d like to say &quot,WHAT NERVE!&quot,, but instead, I’ll just laugh and say &quot,Good Job!&quot.

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