It’s ironic that conservatives opened the campaign financing floodgates with Citizens United and Hillary completes up raking te big bucks.

The Trump campaign is a mess. Fundraising for both Trump and the RNC is so bad, the RNC sent out a last-minute prayer to Sheldon Adelson to give $6 million just so they could fund the convention te a few days. The usual suspects who would normally leap at a chance to speak at a political convention and show up on national TV are no where to be found. The RNC is having trouble finding speakers. Twenty procent of the announced lineup of speakers consists of members of the Trump family. And sponsors? The convention has already lost major sponsors such spil Wells Fargo, UPS, Ford Motor Co., UPS, and JP Morgan Pursue, to name a few.

Hier primary source for &quot,the truth&quot, left behind to report it, I guess.

You are juist, Trump is not running a &quot,professional campaign&quot, and he does not have a &quot,machine&quot, running that is gobbling up billions of dollars to fund a campaign that will help bombard us with worthless Ads.

I don’t know where you got that information, because its incorrect.

This is spotdicht, right?

What, specifically, do you believe is incorrect?

PrettyPanther is onberispelijk. I looked it up. A ordinary Google search on ‘Sheldon Adelson’ will take you to the CNC’s letterteken asking for $6 Million, and the Koch brothers have not sent ter their $1Million that they hinted they would send.

The Republican party is resorting to scare tactics, name-calling, and outright threats against other party members and donors to attempt to raise enough money to voorkant the convention. They are far brief of the funds needed to launch an effective presidential campaign.

The party of the rich white guys are eating their own te a ridiculous display of begging, tantrums, and total fabrications (lies).

Meantime they insist on proclaiming that internet PORN is what’s wrong with America today. Well, when they are not busy blaming Obama and Hillary for EVERYTHING that they don’t understand.

The Regressive Party is wallowing ter the mud they created. I will be so loosened when they all lose their jobs and let us get on with the running of this ALREADY Excellent country!

And you don’t think Hillary and the DNC does this too , How naГЇve !

You miss entirely what Trump is, and what his campaign is about.

I read your posts on this thread a duo days ago, and am always struck by you skill, Kennen. I would imagine the major contributors are drooling at another omkoopbaar Clinton administration, more money and property to them. I hope more people will go after you te the forums and actually see your point of view.

Thank you, its not hard, infact, it is pretty ordinary, of course the media (and opposition to Trump) has done a wonderful job to contort and divert voters from what Trump is and represents.

I agree with colorfulone that Kennen shows up to articulate his positions well. However, I am still not on houtvezelplaat with Trump. I am certainly no Hillary supporter. However, after stepping through the media bashing and bias of Trump, I have concerns with his arrogance and behavior. I am of the mind set of writing my choices te. I will not vote for evil.

Well said. It’s refreshing to see someone postbode on here who thinks independently and objectively.

I agree with you 100%. I don’t observe TV at all, but I read what news sites are telling and can see through the deception like most Americans, and most people te other countries. Globalist omkoopbaar leaders of other countries are against Trump, but their people are awake or waking up auténtico swift.

Do you think that reading a news webpagina’s summary and interpretation of a press conference is better than watching it yourself?

For those of you who do not know who Sheldon Adelson is, his Primary SOURCE of Income & Hacienda Build up and or LOSS is Directly Derived from the Gokhal and or GAMING Industry, more specifically, the Venetian Hotel & Gokhal ter Tussenvoegsel Vegas Cellisca, a Beautifully Magical DESERT Oasis which I Frequent quiebro often.

The 2nd thing you’ll detect is the Crowd total of Beautifully DIVERSE Faces

Black, White, Brown, Asian etc etc. My point is the following

The Success and or Failure of Sheldon Adelsons Primary Business Unit Depends almost EXCUSIVELY upon ATTRACTING Human Beings of ALL COLOR so he can MAINTAIN a Sturdy Following

I know it’s Lasnaad Vegas, but I’ll truly be astonished if he DONATEs a single dollar to Trump’s Crumbling PSEUDO-Campaign

Maybe because he knows Trump better than you do?

The numbers are far higher than this now . Hillary is simply buying hier way to the presidency , the very shady &quot,Clinton Mafia&quot, primarily , is paying hier way and doing a pretty lousy job of winning too ! What hypocrisy you and she are promoting ter this thread . Want to be Voorzitter – pay for it !

You won’t find mij defending big money ter presidential campaigns. However, until the rules are switched, it is a fact that a campaign vereiste be organized and professional to win. The effectiveness o a campaign is widely considered to be a reflection of the leadership capability of a candidate.

And yet he won the nomination and may win the election.

He won the nomination by appealing to the angry Republican cojín. It remains to be seen whether he can appeal to a broad enough demographic to win the común election.

Spil no candidate organizes either the campaign or the fundraising, that would mean that Trump has hired the wrong people to do it, while Clinton has found good ones?

I think organization is a reflection of leadership. That is just my opinion based on my practice working ter government spil well spil the private sector.

You mean because he doesn’t have the Mafiosi of the Clinton Foundation behind him ? Everzwijn take a look at the donation list of that one , the &quot,Pay for Play &quot, of donation – to -payoff ?

It’s ironic that conservatives opened the campaign financing floodgates with Citizens United and Hillary finishes up raking ter big bucks.

The voters determine who to vote for. its not about how much money you spend. or how many Big $$$ donors from Wall St. and beyond that you get.

Wij will see. I’m all for a good candidate who can succeed without big money donors. I voted for Bernie.

ONLY One Little PROBLEM for &quot,Drumpfy&quot, Trump, while Hillary made NO Bones about Accepting Donations to run hier Campaign, Donald Ridiculed hier & ALL others and actually based his ENTIRE Effort on the LIE that he would &quot,SELF-Fund&quot, and guess what? he BROKE ANOTHER PROMISE & Made FOOLs out of his Dwindling Fanz merienda again but that’s no BIG Verrassing or Revelation for an individual of his Character is it?

If by chance &quot,Delusional&quot, Donald can INVENT a Time Machine Truly Rapid, like say ter the NEXT Week or so, Travel BACK & ERASE ALL of his HATE Packed Racist & Sickeningly Demeaning REMARKs toward Women both on Movie & the Written WORD, then FIX all of his FRAUD & Criminal Activity, he’d still LOSE ter NOVEMBER by a few points because the more he shows his FACE the More Americans & Mundial Citizens Despise him

What does everyone think of Melania’s Blatant Disregard for hier Spouse when she PLAGIARIZED portions of hier Big &quot,Get to KNOW Mij&quot, Speech which wasgoed delivered Last Night? I mean Honestly, she’s bot Married to Donald for 20 years or at least that’s what they Rechtsvordering, what ele would U EXPECT from his so called Playmate?

The Melania speech fiasco is just extra evidence of a poorly run and ncompetent campaign.

Believe it or NOT, don’t be Astonished if wij Detect the Trumps Planted that &quot,Plagiarism Tegenwerking&quot, themselves

There is every REASON to Believe Donalds bot attempting to &quot,GET Out&quot, of his little &quot,Publicity Stunt&quot, almost from the very Beginning

I’m sure he is evaluating which script has the greatest potential to increase his private wealth. If he thinks he will be better off financially by ripping off out, he will find a way.

Hey there PrettyPanther,

My spouse agrees with you so you might be right. ,-)

Many believe &quot,Delusional Donald&quot, has bot Despairingly Attempting to &quot,GET Out&quot, of what emerges to be a BACKFIREING Publicity STUNT, but every time he’s accused of Committing an Exceptionally Horrendous TORT, Crime, or Theft, his DWINDLING Little Number of FANz SOLIDIFY and look like FOOLs merienda again

if you INVESTIGATE you’ll find the ODDs of Trump ENDING Up ter Prison are far GREATER than him being &quot,GIFTED&quot, Our Nuclear CODE which is a NEAR Impossibility

Is Trump’s Wifey a Mail Order Bride?

Melanija Knavs, wasgoed born ter 1970 te Yugoslavia, now know spil Slovenia. Knavs studied vormgeving and architecture at the University of Ljubljana te Slovenia. She then worked spil a proefje for style houses ter Milan and Paris before relocating to Fresh York City ter 1996.

After becoming engaged te 2004, Donald Trump and Melania Knavs were married on January 22, 2005, at The Obispal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea ter Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a reception te the 17,000-sq.-ft ballroom at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

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