Dating Profile Re-write OKCUPID Female: Don t Be A Negative Nancy!

Wij’re just like you. Wij connected through an online dating service–OK Cupid, to be precies. Our very first date wasgoed at a joy Seattle tapas-and-sangria tapkast. Wij fell ter love. Wij are engaged to be married. Wij know that you, too, can find love. Let us help you.

May 11 Dating Profile Re-write OKCUPID Female: Don’t Be A Negative Nancy!

Lead with the Positive

Marnie, a youthful looking 51 year old nurse, who te person wasgoed actually quiebro utter of spunky personality and compassion, wasgoed baffled about why she wasn’t getting good results from hier online dating profile, and about why the dudes she met online were not the zuigeling of guys she had bot hoping to meet.

After looking at hier dating profile and photos, it wasgoed clear that Marnie, who had bot working spil an RN supervisor for many years, had what wij call an Eeyore Profile.

Recall Eeyore? The pessimistic, martyred, but lovable donkey from Winnie the Pooh? That wasgoed Marnie.

Marnie had made the classic mistake of leading with the negative, instead of showcasing what she could bring to the table. Hier initial profile complained about being tired of online dating, being alone, meeting strange and dishonest guys, and admitting to feeling burnt-out te hier career. Ter other words, hier profile sounded defeated, tired, and kleuter of hopeless. Very different than the person who sat across from us.

Peak: Don’t use your dating profile spil a soapbox to complain about the opposite lovemaking, or the weirdos on dating sites. Potential vrouwen are reviewing your profile to see who you are and what you bring to the table.

The Profile Re-Do

Wij tweaked Marnie’s OkCupid profile, painting a picture which highlighted hier sense of humor, superb ethics, and some of hier interests. You’ll notice that negativity has no place te a dating profile. Wij added colorful words and description to substitute some blase terms.

Here is what Marnie’s fresh reworked OkCupid profile looked like, using their format:

What I’m doing with my Life:

Te inbetween spelunking, swimming with the dolphins, and translating ancient scrolls ter my spare time, I’ve bot logging a loterijlot of hours te my beloved profession lately with the purpose of actually retiring someday while still being able to afford both protein and footwear! If you’re looking for mij, you might also find mij ter a funky second-hand bookstore, or walking around town discovering hidden treasures.

I’m looking for a fantastic dude to share some of life’s adventures, and I am fairly glad to work less when tempted decently.

I’m a born and bred native Seattle lady, who lived ter Arizona long enough to realize I missed the switching seasons and the Pacific Northwest.

I find fine satisfaction from the most ordinary things: a very first cup of steaming coffee on the deck te the quiet early morning. good manners on the freeway. a brisk walk with the dog. and having fine conversations te any setting. I’m effortless going and attempt to recall to have a positive outlook whenever possible. And it’s almost always possible.

I feel fortunate every day. and nicely seasoned by life’s practices. I don’t have wrinkles, tho’: I have laugh crinkles.

Finding humor te situations. Stringing up te there when the going gets rough.

The Very first Things People Usually Notice About Mij

I’ve bot told that I have the ideal kleintje of curly hair.

Beloved books, movies, shows, music, and food:

Recently read books include Lonesome Dove and Water for Elephants. Any filmrolletje Steve Martin is ter. Spil much spil I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never made it inwards of Benaroyal Antesala for live theater, but would love a playmate ter crime to check it out with.

My next food escapade? Portland Food Trucks!

The six things I could never do without,

Strong, steamy java ter the a.m., a beautiful view, jazz, seasons. my dearest cushion, anything with lemon. The smell of leather.

I spend a loterijlot of time thinking about:

  1. If life had a soundtrack, what song would be playing right now?
  2. If I’ve done my best today
  3. What the surplus of life’s adventures will bring
  4. How long do I have to wait to have Dim Sum again?

On a typical Friday night I am:

Catching up with friends or family, debriefing from the week–adult beverages often help. reserve lemon please!

The Most Private Thing I’m Willing To Admit:

This is too deeply repressed to access at this time..

You are tired of talking to your pets. While it’s true that their love is unconditional, they may not be telling you the entire truth.

See how this profile rewrite concentrates on the playful, certain, discreet and unique aspects of Marnie? This dating profile received about 80% better results than the hum-drum diferente.

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