Free Online Romantic Welcoming Cards for Beau or Gf

Thinking of You (from Grandparents) – &quot,Sweet Chicken&quot,

Please Be My Valentine – Starring &quot,Furball Franny&quot,

Be My Valentine – Sung by – &quot,Woody Guppie&quot,

Hello – &quot,Jack and Jacques&quot,

Love & Apology – &quot,Woody Guppie&quot,

Love – &quot,Breeder Brothers Jug Tape&quot,

Love – &quot,Carlita den Mechanic&quot,

Violated Heart – &quot,Breeder Brothers&quot,

Dating – &quot,Woody Guppie&quot,

Love – &quot,Canoa and Tone&quot,

Love – &quot,Breeder Brothers&quot,

Love – Dr. Maybaum

Love – &quot,Furball Frannie&quot,

Thinking of You – Breeder Brothers

Dating &quot,Breeder Brothers&quot,

Sheesh, I’m Soo Total!

There are times that you don’t want to send a bday ecard or a thank you ecard, you are just so packed with love. Check out our Rubber Chicken Love eCard section that is populated with a few ecards love, a duo of hello ecards, and some poetry from the Bard himself, Sonnet ecards.

Sun-Broken & Cloud-Laden

The good thing about this group of cards, or so the idiots at Rubber Chicken Cards think, is that love for most of us is not this intense, serious thing with the zon violating however a cloud laden sky. Love might be sharing something joy, might be a good belly laugh or a sweet conversation te the middle of the night, or a love ecard from a Grandmother to hier grandchild. Te our selection, you get to choose.

Answers, Cures & Remedies (Those Last Two are Redundant)

The idiots at Rubber Chicken believe te love. Wij think that love is the reaction, laughter is the cure, joy is the remedy – and then there’s the United States Congress. How do you counteract the creepiness te the world? And let’s not hide our goes, there is creepiness. You spread love, te our case, one ecard at a time.

How Gretta Got Hier Groove Back

Here’s what one of our members recently told us about Rubber Chicken Cards, “I have fallen te love again after many years of drought. I can’t believe it, indeed. Sometimes good things toebijten. When wij very first commenced dating, I took a chance and sent him the Broadway Love Ecard. He got the joy and the sweetness of the ecard and, all of a unexpected, wij knew that wij collective the same sense of humor. Thank you all at RC Cards for being the pivot point of my fresh relationship.” – Gretta, from Raleigh.

When Harry Met Sally (or ter this case, “When Dave Met a Lady Drinking Coffee”)

Here’s what another member human said, “O good Chickens. My wifey passed away about 15 years ago. I have bot rather lonely overheen the years and attempted a number of dating type services to get back ter touch with my entire heart instead of the cracked one that I have carried with mij. Not to bum you out, there is a good ending to this. I met someone at the especĂ­fico coffee shop where wij both drink coffee and sit outside. After wij met, I got hier email – Jeez this is long winded, I sent hier a Rubber Chicken ‘Good to Have Met You’ card. She loved it because it turns out she is a Rubber Chicken Card user herself. Wij are presently engaged, and I am te love. If you didn’t know, you have helped mij to switch my life. Thanks for being funny and there.” – Dave, from Milwaukee.

Don’t Cha Love It.

So, do you love someone, and want to take the next step ter expression?

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