Online Dating te the late 90s

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Senior Don Juan

So what’s happened since 2010. Any theories?


Senior Don Juan


Master Don Juan


Senior Don Juan

Cuz I don’t fvcking need em


Master Don Juan


Master Don Juan


Don Juan

I would say that 2002-8 were they &quot,hey days&quot, of dating web sites. I am Italian and I always bot pretty much more interested to know and meet foreign damsels rather than particular women. Te particular I am very attracted by North Americans,Australians and Scandinavians- thus

online dating facilitated mij to know damsels around the world. it wasgoed more than ideal.

Back te the day (especially during 2006) I used to receive from 2-10 messages daily. About 80% of thesis messages were from very good looking ladies who usually had more to say than just &quot, Hi how are you&quot. I wouldn’t say that everything wasgoed flawless, but thesis ladies often waterput passion te their messages. The conversation were often pleasant and not abate. I also used to receive posible flowers and online presents which today seems something unthinkable. All this made mij feel nice, special and desired and made mij romanticized about a relationship with a foreign damsel.

Spil a man with his erotic desires I used to ask to thesis ladies to do cyber hookup or to do webcam hookup with me- many wouldn’t object all this after a bit of coaxing. Today if you ask something similar to ladies online, they are likely to discard you spil soon spil you talk about those things.

Eventually, everything wasgoed not just an online thing. Some of thesis ladies came to Italy exclusively to see mij, or came here to vacation and then wij met ter the mean time. Wij used to have fine adventures especially ter the summer. Wij would visit places together and often kissed on the very first or 2nd night and eventually I used to have hookup with them. I also exchanged phone calls, postbode cards and letters and puny presents. There wasgoed some of romanticism. At times I visited some of them. Not every woman wasgoed like te the photos or webcam, neither all of them had a good behaviour but I would say that 70% of them were exactly spil I expected to be.

it wasgoed a good time. My time on internet worth it.

Te the winter of 2010 I moved to another country and I commenced to see that traffic went down drastically without any apparent reason. , I used to get one message or two a month when fortunate. I wondered if my location had nothing to do with it. but that wasgoed not the problem..spil ter fact, I switched location, photos, content of profiles, even age, and other things but the result wasgoed always the same..I had not the attention I used to have..

Messages became increasingly zonderling and they were often from unattractive ladies or ladies who were previously married ( which I am not interested). and some messages were shallow and they embarked to get shorter and shorter.

Here is what I think what are the causes of this decline for mij and many other guys.

Guys are slowing providing up on dating sites for this reason. But no dating sites cares or seem to address this kwestie. After all they all want to earn money, they don’t care of you fining love or have healthy joy.

Two conclusive notes :

I am not sure the dating webpagina will terugwedstrijd spil they were before. Te the future wij may see aparente reality, genetic matching, or more accurate matching system but this may be te Two decades from now.

I also hope that they will do thesis websites more pro-male and encourage women to write more very first. Both boys and women will benefit from this.

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