Our parents and grandparents didn’t have the internet, spil wij do now, to find their spouse or significant other, they went out, met their fucking partner, and found love outside of the huis.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Traditional Dating vs. Online Dating

Traditionally, people would look for that special someone te their life by going out and meeting fresh people ter a multitude of different places. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have the internet, spil wij do now, to find their spouse or significant other, they went out, met their fucking partner, and found love outside of the huis. Rebecca Miller said on a DB posting, “If all wij did wasgoed what our mothers did, then the world and its customs would not evolve.” Nowadays, te our fast-paced and online world, people are switching the dating tradition, they are using the Internet to find love. A multitude of dating websites, such spil Match.com, eHarmony.com, JDate.com, and many others, make it somewhat effortless to find a supposed ideal match. They let a person waterput te any number of criteria to narrow down their search for the flawless person. Someone also has access to meeting someone they may not everzwijn have known on another street or ter another city or state. The next love of someone’s life can be found while sitting te the comforts of their own huis or office, people no longer have to go out of their convenience zone to find somebody.

Te the history of traditional dating, a person usually knows who they are going out on a date with. They had already met the person and established that they have some common interests or at least that they are attracted to each other. Unluckily, a person doesn’t necessarily have that skill with Internet dating. All a person gets to see when searching any number of dating websites is another person’s profile. Through individual stories from friends, ter magazines, newspapers, and online, it has bot learned that thesis Internet dating profiles can, at times, be deceiving. A person’s picture can be one that wasgoed taken years earlier when, perhaps, the person wasgoed junior, thinner, had more hair, etc. The picture on a person’s profile can mislead someone to be interested ter that person based on attraction alone, and then a relationship has already bot established on lies. Also, a person can type whatever they want on their profile. There truly is no true way of knowing whether their information is entirely true or made up of fabricated lies to make themselves look better. People are beginning relationships online without truly knowing anything about a person, they aren’t truly getting to know each other on a individual level. Many people are a little too trusting online, they may look at someone’s profile and fully believe everything that is on it. People should go into the online dating world with a little more caution because a person cannot necessarily see what they are getting.

Internet dating is the fresh speelpop culture trend that is challenging the role of traditional dating. While there is nothing at all wrong with traditional dating ideas and practices, Internet dating makes the process more comfy and effortless but at the same time, impersonal. More and more people are leaving behind the traditional ways of dating and leaving their fate te love to laptop programs and webstek searches to find their flawless match. Michael Ramires, te a DB posting, said, “With our busy lives today, many people find it hard to waterput the time and effort into upholding the customs that wij knew spil children.” This is something that people see more and more everyday spil more commercials and advertisements are seen on television and ter magazines for different online dating services. Albeit the traditional practice of dating is not dead, it is meeting its match with the fresh “tradition” of Internet dating. Spil Jennifer Blakely, te a DB posting, said, “Most traditions are not traditions when they start.”

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