Bike simulator – grab a bike, then switch into very first person view and attempt to drive at high speeds without crashing ( can be fairly tricky).

So you’ve finished the spel

For those of you who have bot playing the GTA series every since the diferente GTA (birds eye view mode 🙂 ) I’m sure you’ve all played Grand Theft Wagen Four and played it compulsively until your reached the end.

The only thing is now you’re done and you finished most of the side missions your running around attempting to find joy things to do so here is a list of things you can do to make the most of the GTA Four environment. I’ve bot playing gta iv xbox and pc its good on both:)

let the joy start 🙂

Crazy Taxi Driver – hire a taxi and select a location on the other side of town, merienda the taxi starts moving tell the driver to “hurry up” and he will embark driving recklessly crashing into things and disregarding zekering signs and crimson lights. Then increase your desired level to maximum, and love the rail. Its hilarious to witness the cops tucking into you and shooting at the driver from the safety of the back seat

Mad Playground – Theres a sway set te a playground ter south slopes that has a glitch ter it, drive a car up to it, kasstuk it, then park up touching it and it will send you flying, keerdam insane, from ryan

Stunt – finish all the bike stunts around the city there is around 50 from what I recall.

Fire Hydrant- Deepthroat the top off a fire hydrant then hop on your bike and rail that wave sky high:)

911 – Call the cops and then rush around punching spil many people spil you can when the cops arrive they will see people attacking you and promptly arrested those mean mean people. You can also call the fire brigade and ziekenwagen.

Fire Department – hop ter a firetruck and give those dirty homeless a good blasting.

Car Domino’s – Line up a entire bunch of cars then fire off a rocket or grenade to see a domino explosion effect, you may have to make sure you’ve bruised the cars enough.

Army Chopper – Visit the airport and grab the army helicopter with the minigun and terrorize the island.

Airport Madness – Get a total desired rating and then head to the airport with a bike and run circles around the cops its especially joy to place yourself ter the middle of the back wheels of a moving airplane and see the cops attempt to get to you cause nothing stops a giant boeing 747 , those cops get squished and thrown around all overheen the place.

Friendly Fire – play a lan spel with friendly fire off and kasstuk each other with those rockets and witness yourself fly like a birdie.

Stripathon 3some – go the disrobe club and get spil many poetslap dancers into the private slagroom spil possible ( this can get quiebro tricky to get the dancers to ask you for a private dance but ppl have bot known to get Two or even up to Trio dancers into one slagroom)

Cinematic Challenge – grab a swift car or a strong voertuig switch on cinematic camera mode and see how long you can last while the cops are after you it can be finta entertaining te this camera mode.

Pool throw – embark a pool spel then get out and just pelt those nut sack at your opponents head , no one messes with nico bellic

Scream Wheel – grab a car that’s utter of passengers and take them for the rail of there life , you wont even need the radiodifusión on cause they provide enough noise through screaming and oh my schepper’ss.

Truly Rough S*XX – Go find your almacén hooker and get hier into your car, then use your mad driving abilities to get the car to roll overheen and then do the dirty business upside down.

Burnouts – hold the forward and rearwards keys at the same time and see that smoke go ( not much smoke truly) but you can do donuts by using the directional keys which is finta joy.

Bike simulator – grab a bike, then switch into very first person view and attempt to drive at high speeds without crashing ( can be finta tricky).

Fastest Car – Near the old mansion on alderny island , you will find one of the fastest cars te the spel the Sultan RS

Falling Boat – use the boat cheat code to druppel a speed boat on unaware people. I may add a gta Four cheats pagina if there isn’t already one

No palms – grab your sniper rifle or any other gun if your accurate and shoot the driver of a car straight ter the head, sometimes he will come to a zekering other times he will keep driving all overheen the place joy to witness.

Rapid lane – grab a bike and find the longest road you can find then fly down it without crashing.

Drunken Bowling – go get buzzed at he buffet then klapper the bowling centre its tricky stuff that Ten pwin boolin.

Down with the Commune – head towards a onderdaan place or cluckin bell grab a car and barricade the om leap overheen the car into the restaurant and cause havoc and see how long you can withstand the cops, spil long spil the car blocking the om stays ter tack it could last forever but it usually gets throated up eventually.

Look Moe no tires – deep-throat up all the tires on your car leap ter , get a dreamed level and see how long you last.

Choppy – use the chopper blades to rip people to snauwerig.

Observe mij diegene – of course another fine joy part of GTA Four is the movie editor which you can use to create some pretty funny dying sequences and add music , effects and all that other swish stuff.

Klapper that boat – find a ramp near the water and drive your bike off it and attempt and kasstuk a boat that’s driving by. enormously tricky to do:P

Rollercoaster Joy – Head overheen to the joy park on Firefly island grab a nice smallish prompt car and wizz around the roller coaster track.

Pig Rail – Grab a helicopter and get a welgevoeglijk wished level , land your helicopter and attempt and take off spil the cops attempt and haul you out , now fly off with the cops clinging onto your chopper, and vuilnisbelt them around the skyscrapers.

Hooker Free or Not – Go pick up an old fashioned hooker off the streets te your car, find somewhere quiet to park your car and send the kids out of the slagroom, then you can choose whether or not to let hier keep the money you just paid hier.

Carpark Madness – Get a high desired level and then head to a crowded car park and wait for the explosion. I hear there’s a crowded car park ter alderney island

Fly a Friend – Excellent joy on multiplayer is to leap ter a helicopter with a friend then attempt and druppel him off on unreachable buildings, or even druppel him on the top of the statue of liberty.

Budge Aside – I’m sure you very likely have attempted it but get a cop car or fire truck and waterput the sirens on and everyone will clear a path for you on the road.

Most likely the most joy you can have it playing the multiplayer with a bunch of friends so lots of stuff to attempt out there also the GTA Four engine and physics are fairly well done so testing all the physics out can be fine joy.

I also hope none of thesis idea’s offended anyone it is GTA after all and only a spel have joy:) and anyone with joy things that aren’t on the list don’t be afraid to comment and let mij know spil i’m still addicted to that spel and looking for things to do. and also recall GTA 1 is freeware so you can download and play for free if you miss the classic:).

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