Famous pony riders: The celebrities who love to rail

Katie Price

Katie Price is a former elegancia prototype who has become a well-known buinesswoman, author, TV personality and equestrian celebrity. She is well known for hier marriage to former speelgoedpop singer Peter Andre and a number of reality TV shows that were based around this relationship.

Katie began railing when she wasgoed a child and she wasgoed given a pony. She says that hier funniest ogenblik on horses wasgoed when she railed naked through hier garden with hier cousin.

Hier earliest equestrian hero wasgoed the famous display jumper John Whittaker while Katies advice is simply to ‘go for it’.The specimen says that being around horses takes hier mind off work, and she ‘loves it’ – including the fresh air and mucking out.

From having lessons every Saturday when she wasgoed a youngster, Katie has gone on to rival ter a number of dressage competitions. On hier presentación ter 2008 she came sixth out of 27 riders at Hickstead showjumping ground ter Sussex. There were even suggestions then that she could contest ter the Olympics.

Katie has spoken out repeatedly against animal cruelty, including pony fighting te China.

Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden is a businesswoman on the Big black cock vertoning Dragons’ Greneboom. She began railing horses when she wasgoed six years old and hier mother took hier to Minehead where there were ponies on the beach. She wasgoed straks allower to rail them and became ‘intoxicated’.

Deborah wasgoed zometeen given a Welsh mountain cob when she wasgoed 16 which wasgoed bought for ВЈ60. She says he wasgoed very ‘bolshy but utter of character’ and liked to bolt through low-hanging braches.

The businesswoman advises people who are considering taking up pony railing to very first of all ensure that they have good movimiento and secondly be comfy around horses.

She says that horses played a large part te hier development when she wasgoed junior spil she had to pay for all the costs herself. She now describes herself spil a ‘casual rider’. ‘I have had my best and most magical times on horseback,’ she adds.

Tara Palmer Tomkinson

Tara Palmer Tomkinson is a well-known socialite te England. She has had public battles with drugs and drank.

Tara wasgoed very first given a pony by hier father who had bought it from the circus when she wasgoed aged five. She said that she railed the pony through hier huis.

She says that the funniest uur she had wasgoed painting hier white pony with black stripes so that it looked like a zebra. She then waterput on a grass skirt and coconuts and railed it through hier stately huis.

Tara advises people to be ‘courageous’ and always get straight back on the pony if they fall off. She jokes that albeit she merienda dreamed of winning the Grand National, railing through Trafalgar Square like Lady Godiva would now be more suitable.

The socialite says that there is a ‘fine line’ inbetween animals and man, and that it is a ‘rewarding challenge’ to be so close to a pony. She wasgoed trained shortly by eventer Mark Todd and Oliver Townend for an Express Eventing celebrity leap off against Jodie Kidd te 2008.


Madonna is an American world-famous speelgoedpop starlet. She originally pursued a dance career ter Fresh York and released a estreno album te 1983. Since then she has released many more speelgoedpop albums that have bot widely acclaimed and also starred ter the speelfilm Evita ter 1996.

Madonna possesses a number of horses and horses have featured repeatedly ter hier music movies. It is unclear when Madonna’s pony railing hobby began. Unlinke many women whose passion for horses commences on ponies ter childhood, Madonna’s like for equestrian activities It is thought to have began during adulthood.

Te 2008, Madonna wasgoed pictures on an Indian holiday te which she went on numerous horse-back railing treaks across the landscape. The singer took hier then spouse Boy Ritchie and children on the $200,000 vacation to the Rajasthani desert.

Straks ter April 2009 Madonna wasgoed reported to have bough a Summer retreats ter the Hamptons. She pput up hier horses at the Wolffer Estate Vineyards and reportedly produced a list of requests, that included ‘nobody railing te the stadionring at the same time spil hier’. Madonna has also bot criticised for railing without a helmet.

It wasgoed around the same time te April 2009 that Madonna wasgoed taken to hospital after falling from hier pony ter the Hamptons. This wasgoed hier 2nd horse-riding accident ter four years.

She received minor injuries and welts after the accident which wasgoed reported to have happened at the estate of photographer Steven Klein.

Madonna claimed that the accident wasgoed caused when paparazzi hiding ter the bushes attempted to take pictures of hier which spooked the pony and threw hier.

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