Is someone mentally healthy that falls ter love with a picture online?

I just recently witnessed a Dr. Phil scene where thesis woman fell ter love with someone they had never met. Even went spil far spil telling they dreamed to marry this person?? It turned out that it wasgoed another woman playing with all thesis other womans minds. Why would one give all thier private informatie. to someone they had never met? They loved the picture of this supposed man and ultimately ended up falling for a picture of someone they had never physically met.

Just nosey of your opinions on this subject.

I personally think it is insanity to fall for someone you’ve never met. But that’s online dating for you some people are just so desperate to find love that they’ll go to any lengths to find it. Crazy. But there are some who have found thier significant other but I think it is a very zonderling occurance, half of the time the person doesn’t even look remotely like thier profile , they are simply out thier trolling for dates. But that’s just my discreet opinion, nosey about yours.

Hi Moneyfairy: I can see maybe infactuation like witnessing a pic of a super sexy boy, but falling te love with someone based on a pic is just plain wierd and if thesis women are like this then no wonder they are on the Dr. Phil vertoning. I’m laughing overheen this. If they are eating, sleeping and thinking about this photo of a person whom they will never meet they have a definate ‘mental punt’. It is unlikely to truely fall te love with someone you have never met. There has to be chemistry on both sides. Jeez, I see Maury (white trash TV) and jiggle my head at thesis idiots who air their dirty laundry on national TV. Of course I laugh at that demonstrate too. Hey, it’s cheap entertainment. ooooo the bad visuals. maybe I need some mental help

LOL. Thank you Sarra for understanding why I think this wasgoed bizzare and thesis were supposed collegium graduates. just strange.

It is beyond bizarre. it borders on mental illness.

Thank you gmwilliams for getting it and understanding why I think those women had some mental disorders and one even went so far spil cutting herself because she wasgoed so upset that the person wouldn’t meet up with hier. I just don’t get it. if the supposed man keeps making excuses why he can’t meet up with you &quot,Hello&quot, doesn’t that tell you something is wrong. Crazy women.

Reasoning decrees that a woman would meet and come in into a relationship before falling te love. Hell, investigate the background of the man also- that is the wise thing to do.

Ya think. LOL . Thank you for being a voice of sanity and understanding where I am coming from.

I am not sure what would be more questionable: falling ter love based on a picture, or diagnosing mental illness based on a forum postbode describing a TV showcase.

Good point. But thesis woman did vertoning up on psycholgical Dr.’s display that portrayed them spil beautiful ,collegium educated woman that texted,talked to collective intimate photos and ultimatley fell ter love with someone they had never physically met. So to mij that’s a bit crazy, but that’s just my discreet opinion, thanks for your opinion.

So she didn’t just see the picture, she also spoke and corresponded with him? I know slew of stories of people who fell te love through talking and correspondence.

What about the old days when people met via classified ads? What about the old mail-order brides?

No I am not telling being &quot,ter love&quot, is a mentally unhealthy state but falling te love with someone you have never physically met te person is a bit crazy.

No, I wasgoed the one who implied that being &quot,ter love&quot, might be considered an unhealthy mental state. Maybe &quot,off-balance&quot, would be a more apt description.

That is so true!

I would think this is a beloved sort of spel for a ‘predator’ preying on/for his victims it’s practically the same methods. Locate and ‘groom’ the victim. It’s sad because there are so many inexperienced, immature and yes, desperate people just ripe for a predator. I wouldn’t say it’s insane, just a pattern of the predator with prey

Lady Scribe, This is so true that it is a spel for predators. It is very scary for the immature and desperate. I would want to meet and know someone ter person before I formed any unie whatsoever. Even then there are predators that can groom one into thinking whatever they want to get whatever they want. One vereiste use discretion if only for ones private saftey.

If they can communicate well online, then if they fall te love, they can meet and they can both determine what they will do. Anything is possible thesis days, there are still nice people who are truly looking for love. It take sometime tho’ te order for both to proceed!

Yes people can communicate and type anything they think that the other one wants to hear, the true test is to meet physically te person and talk face to face and then like you said proceed leisurely but to just type or text or e-mail a posible stranger is a bit nuts. How do you know what they are telling is the truth? They could be married and just trolling for lonely desperate woman. I’m just telling be careful and not so open and trusting till you actually meet the person.

I disagree. Boys will lie to your face just spil readily. You have to use common sense regardless of how you get to know them up to the point of being ter love. And you have to use common sense even after you are te love. Love and trust don’t always come at the same time because one is mainly a feeling and the other is the corset your brain puts on your feelings to zekering you from taking big risks.

That is true that boys can lie directly to your face too but then you can actually see and feel the person out spil opposed to just words on a screen. I guess I am just attempting to say that people ter comĂșn should’nt be so trusting so quick and have thier hearts cracked overheen something that could have bot preventable. Be careful when taking risks of the heart, that’s all I’m telling.

That I can agree on. But I think that is different from suggesting mental illness. There is a difference inbetween being reckless and having an flagrante diagnosable psychiatric disorder.

I think psycheskinner has brought up good points. What does it mean then when people who live ter countries where there are still arranged marriages get together with someone, and make it work. Do you think they fall ter love, or is it the social pressure to stay together that makes them stay married? I suppose you can come to appreciate someone merienda you have lived with them and collective significant practices together. Also, many of thesis couples knew their marriages were arranged from the time they were children, so do know each other pretty well. My spouse had a friend who wasgoed living te the U.S., but went huis to Bangladesh to get married to the woman chosen to be his bride. He determined he didn’t want to marry hier, came back to the U.S. for a year or two, and disgraced his and hier families. He ended up marrying a truly nice woman I know, but I always wondered about the poor woman he said no to. I wonder if she would everzwijn have bot able to overcome the disgrace ter a society with different rules.

psycheskinner: I think you are keurig. But you have to admit that it is a bit crazy to fall te love with a picture and typed words without everzwijn actually meeting face to face right?

Jean Bakula: arranged marriages are a entire different ball of paraffin wax so to speak. nothing whatsoever to do with online dating and providing a total stranger all your private intimate details without everzwijn meeting them.

Ter an arranged marriage the families have both met and know the people involved it’s not spil vensterluik spil never knowing the person or thier family. And some of them have known each others families for yrs.

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