Look inwards the heart of a woman who felt the nibble of deception.

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I am an educated, positive, caring individual who wishes to share and listen to others. I would like to open the onderbrak to a better understanding of human nature and why humans make decisions, choices and repeated mistakes during a lifetime. I am forever compelled to reach other individuals with a word of hope.

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Letterteken To My Ex-Husband’s &quot,Gf&quot,

A letterteken to the &quot,fresh woman&quot, te his life.

Are You Suspicious of Who You Meet Online?

Is online dating indeed safe? How do you know the person you’re talking to is for efectivo? A guide for recognizing potential danger.

Has A Man Made a Idiot Out of You?

An angry woman vents hier frustration ter a moving letterteken to herself.

Relationship Advice: How to Get Overheen Being Played

How many times do you find yourself wondering what happened ter a relationship? This article offers relationship advice and tips on recognizing deceit. Learn how to close the wegens on the abasement of being ‘played.’

What Are the Signs of a Bad Relationship?

Are you ter a relationship that doesn’t feel &quot,just right&quot,? Do you sense an inward noodsein that tells you to back off? Go after this check list and determine if it’s time to &quot,run, don’t walk to an uitgang!&quot,

How To Commence Overheen When You’ve Bot Deceived

Everzwijn bot deceived by the man you love? Look inwards the heart of a woman who felt the nibble of deception. Instead of falling into a bottomless pit, she opened hier eyes to a fresh beginning.

Online Dating: The Warning Signs For Women

A guide to online dating and a reminder to learn the early warning signs of deceit.

Internet Predator Danger

Internet stalkers and con artists are plentiful. Read one woman’s story of temptation, allure and disgrace spil she realizes the deep truth.

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