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Despite some skepticism around the web regarding online dating business, hard facts and statistics are hard to disregard: online dating industry is on the rise now, and will proceed flourishing te foreseeable future. Let’s look at some interesting facts and stats te today’s review.

Just ten years ago online dating wasgoed considered the last possible step te finding love, and people registered on dating sites were treated spil typical losers. Back then one expected that online dating will everzwijn build up such unbelievable popularity.

But it did toebijten, primarily due to the intensive spread of digital technologies all overheen the world. Nowadays wij do everything online – pay bills, search maps for driving directions, buy products, get news, book hotels and flights, read books, see films, and even get our education distantly via the Internet. Wij live te an Internet-based society and it’s not surprising that dating has also moved to the posible space. Ter a way, the Internet just reflects our society: you can meet any type of people online, from nerds and snobs to successful businessmen and verdadero rock starlets. Shall wij dig ter into numbers?

  • 74% of the total US population have attempted online dating services at least merienda,
  • There are 15 million singles ter the UK and 7 million of them are members of online dating websites,
  • The number of active users doubled te the last few years. 16000 dating webpagina members are joining every day,
  • US has more single adults (49%) than any other nation except China and India. 61% of them have never bot married, 14,4% are widowed and 23,8% are divorced,
  • Americans tend to marry late and divorce early: the promedio length of time before divorce is 8 years, leaving them slew of time to proef with online dating,
  • 61% of single adults want to be married, 12% are not sure, and 55% were married at a certain time,
  • Today online dating accounts for 17% of all marriages and 1 te Five serious relationships,
  • The online dating industry is fatter than porn and is worth more than $Two billion vanaf year,
  • Annual growth te dating sites population te the last duo of years wasgoed Two,5%,

Online dating business is flourishing and it’s going to expand even further. If you are still ter doubt whether to embark your own business with SkaDate Dating Software, take another look at thesis numbers and grab the bull by the horns.

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