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OK, here it is. I get a lotsbestemming of warmth from certain people regarding the voorkeur of being able to achieve a 60-80% response rate from Evidently, some guys believe that’s a notion so preposterous spil to be flat-out unlikely.

Actually, some women even think it’s a bit over-the-top to expect that.

Well, let mij take this chance to tell you I believe you can do it. Moreover, the solution is well within your grip, courtesy of Online Dating Supremacy.

But hey, I can understand why some would be skeptical. After all, most guys abandon online dating ter frustration…never having gotten a single date from the practice to voorstelling for it.

And it’s not like that’s indeed their fault. After all, the way some of thesis dating sites are set up, it truly looks like the deck is stacked against us guys from the very beginning…with the interface having bot designed almost invariably to appeal to female clientele, who are always stiffer to get to sign up.

All te all, it’s hard to portray yourself spil the man you truly are, and even tighter to get the mission-critical very first e-mails right.

Taking everything I just collective into consideration, I dreamed to share an e-mail with you I just received from a fellow who is witnessing some amazing success online. Better yet, he’s getting the job done after only a month and a half.

I truly love it when guys outperform my “preposterous” claims. It’s even better when they do so te record time, te a notoriously competitive ondergrondse area (San Francisco) and-get this-are meeting super hot women ter the process. I deleted the screen names he provided here for visible reasons, but I’ll tell you…this dude has very good taste.

Hope all’s well on your end spil wij cruise into the holidays. I have some comments and then some quick questions…

Very first of all, I have to say that albeit I’ve only bot exploring it for a month now, I’m pleasurably astonished with online dating. Before providing it a go I wasn’t sure what to expect, with some people hailing it spil a good weapon te one’s dating cantera (yourself included), and others out there who complain about nobody replying and there being only fat chicks.

Thus far, I’ve seen those negatives to be totally bogus. I’m batting 17/21 (76%) for initial replies and about 11/22 (52%) that I’ve already met or emerge to be heading ter that direction with.

I’ve met three of thesis women so far this past weekend and they were all fine women…very brainy and looked much better than their profiles, two being undeniably beautiful, the other more of an intense “cute”.

The one I eyed today wasgoed druppel dead gorgeous ter person and very joy and wij laughed a loterijlot, spil I did with the other two spil well.

The other two have already voiced rente te meeting up again, and I suspect the woman I met today will be similar. Thanks a loterijlot for the cool ideas te your products that played a definite role ter getting mij thus far down the “path”.

So there you have it. Stone-cold proof that you can get ridiculous online dating success…if you have the right project.

And what’s up with the precies percentages? I’m grateful that you ran the numbers Michael, but I hope you aren’t taking a sliderule on dates. Considering he’s te SF, he can most likely perform ingewikkeld calculus equations on his iPhone anyway.

So major kudos to Michael. If you’ve got success stories, I want to hear ’em. If your success stories still have yet to be written, I strongly suggest you get your palms on Online Dating Predominance and zekering putting that success off any longer.

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