The selection is always nomable, this is an area that the Saudis love, they have a very sweet tooth.

Tony spent several years working across Saudi Arabia ter Riyadh, Al-Khobar and Jeddah where he met his wifey who has worked there for 12yrs

Saudi Hotels

Traveling spil an Expat te KSA

Being te KSA is not like traveling around the States or Europe. You have to be careful to keep within their rules and not to offend anyone. This guide to being an expat ter Saudi Arabia will help you.

Finding a Hotel te Saudi Arabia

Working te Saudi Arabia spil a consultant I have had the chance to travel around a fair amount within the country, and have stayed at a number of Saudi Arabia Hotels te the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam / Al-Khobar.

During thesis trips around Saudi Arabia I have had the chance (te fact the need) to stay at a number of different Saudi Arabian hotels and rented apartments spil well spil running training courses and meetings using hotel facilities.

There are many international hotels around the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Hilton, Sheratton, Soffitel, Movenpick, and the like to name just a few. The thicker hotels all being international chains not “local” hotels. There are a few tópico hotels ter Saudi Arabia but thesis are generally of the smaller multiplicity.

Standard of Hotel Accommodation ter Saudi Arabia

Accommodation te Saudi Arabia Hotels is generally of high standard, very similar to what you would expect te the westelijk ter any of their other branches. Beds are comfy, sheets are clean, Televisions work, and everything is well maintained. I have stayed at only three of the smaller locally run hotels, one wasgoed very ornate and enormously “posh”. Despite this it wasgoed cheaper than the nearby large “chains”. Another wasgoed very old and looked it, albeit it wasgoed merienda very likely very ornate it wasgoed beginning to look tired and wasgoed te need of renovation, both of thesis however were clean and the service excellent.

The third hotel however ter Riyadh indeed astonished mij, it wasgoed very much of the budget diversity and showcased it! The foráneo and lounge were fine but the rooms and corridors were te urgent need of attention. The indeed surprising thing te this hotel wasgoed that you could actually get from the underground car park meteen to where the rooms were without going through the lounge, therefore if you had dreamed to smuggle a woman ongezouten to your slagroom without being observed this wasgoed possible! (So if you are dating women ter Saudi Arabia and you need to know the name of this hotel just druppel mij an email!)

Riyadh Hotel tour

Hotel food ter Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Hotel food is excellent albeit pricey when compared to what you can get outside. I have never had the need to complain about food te any hotels I have stayed at te Saudi Arabia, and I am a fussy eater.

Most Saudi hotels have a tapkast, a vast dressoir of different foods. Typically a large salad tapkast spil the Saudis will embark a meal with a salad. A choice of soups and different breads. Then the main courses which will be everything from Arabic stews to Italian Pastas with vegetables, potatoes, rice and everything you could possibly want. The Saudis love to eat, and meals are generally meaty! I am a big eater, overheen six feet tall and weigh 100kg, but many of the Saudis will out eat mij several times overheen, and many albeit shorter vereiste weigh twice what I do!

The sweets are amazing, there is always a vast array of sickly sweet foods for desert, something that I never everzwijn eat, but my wifey loves! The selection is always nomable, this is an area that the Saudis love, they have a very sweet tooth. This is very likely why suikerziekte is such a major problem here te the kingdom.

Ter my very first duo of months te the kingdom I spent a loterijlot of time with the buffets and managed to waterput on overheen 5kg, beware! Saudi Arabian Hotel food is just too good ter most hotels, I need a diet!

Hotel Service te Saudi Arabia

Arabic hotel Service, if fantastic, the staff being ter many cases over-helpful, looking for a peak! They are not overly well paid and a petite peak makes a big difference to them so they go out of their way to smile and be spil friendly spil they possible can be.

I tend to find the “pui desk” slow, especially if staffed by Saudis, make sure you leave an reserve Five minutes for check out spil there can be a loterijlot of individual chunks of paper to be printed out and signed!

Please do peak the staff, their wages are very low and their work hard and the hours long and most have no “off days”!

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